It’s easy: How to embed a Twitter moment in WP Post

Yippee! You can easily embed your Twitter moment from a live-blogging assignment into your related NewsTrack post.

1. Go to the  Twitter Publish page 

2.  You’ll see a Twitter URL locator window with a drop down arrow.  Click on the dropdown to see examples of what you can do, including the Twitter moment re Michelle Obama.

Below the dropdown are the specific options for twitter embeds.

3.  in the window, paste in the URL for your live-blogging twitter moment and hit enter.   It will generate embed code.  Copy that code into the HTML (not the default visual) view in a WordPress post. (Click the tab that says HTML).

4.  Preview it — at first you’ll see just the link. Then the rest of the moment will display.

5.  here’s how the Michelle moment looks.

Twitter Scavenger Hunt gets the class off Comm Ave.

detective-freebie2-300x250Even longtime residents in my JO304 multimedia storytelling class at Boston University made discoveries about the city as they practiced digital and social media skills during this Twitter Scavenger Hunt early this month.


ESPN vs. NYT: Whose focus wins what audience on this Sunday afternoon?

I think I could have predicted this one.

Twitter’s overall top trend is the People’s Climate March.  But the top trends showing on The Providence Journal’s Twitter feed are — football, football, football.