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JO304 weekly class schedule Fall 2017

Quick post here!  Attached is the current version of our class schedule.  Also sent to you email and uploaded to content area in Blackboard.

Andrea Panciera’s Weekly Schedule, Multimedia Storytelling, JO 304 FALL  2017
As of 9/12/17

Class meets Tuesdays, 12:30 to 3:15, COM building,  Room B27

This schedule changes as news breaks, digital stuff develops, more practice is needed, speakers emerge.  I’ll advise you weekly in class or by email, and will do my best to update this document.  More details in weekly emails re homework.

Special aims:  Creation and delivery of stories using mobile devices and apps, accuracy, fairness, balance and verification in this age of lightning-fast digital news
Something new, something old:  Each class focuses on a type of multimedia or digital journalism trend.  Includes lecture, class participation, hands-on practice.  Each class weaves in traditional journalism ethics and values, plus issues posed by new technology.
Weekly: Post at least one timely observation re digital news, from any source, to class Facebook page, Twitter #JO304.  Vary your style to suit the medium.

Before first class
1. Fill in the blank assignment: What a(n) _____ time it is to be a journalist.  Choose the adjective you think fits best.   Email to me at: apancier@bu.edu BEFORE noon, Tuesday, Sept. 5

  1.  Do multimedia assessments

    3.  Read this article from the Neiman Journalism Lab at Harvard.  How have the predictions help up?

    4.  Social media

       Ask to join class FB page  https://www.facebook.com/groups/jo304fall2017/

       Check out latest (not top) tweets under  #JO304 Twitter

WEEK 1, Sept. 5

Today’s class summary: How you can learn, critique and share the variety of ways news is told in 2017.

1.  Word cloud review: What a _____ time it is to be a journalist. Let’s look at and discuss your responses.

2. Introductions & Overview

Who am I? Who are you?

Brief digital journalism history

Review syllabus and course requirements.  Outline.

3. Multimedia Storytelling

How does reporting and creating for digital platforms differ from telling stories via “legacy” media? From tweets to blogs, to long-form and listicles, from hedlines to captions, from photos to videos to filters,  producing content for digital is more than you might think. Which tools should you use to cover news in a multi-platform world? How do audience and business needs figure in to your choices? We will explore and configure a wide variety of tools this semester, starting with blogs, Facebook and Twitter.


Look at these examples of multimedia storytelling.

Discussion: Identify elements of good journalism, no matter what the medium.

4. In-class work: Explain NewsTrack and draw for news site  assignments. Quick overview of WordPress blogging platform. Download WordPress app to smartphone.  Join the course Facebook group. Follow #JO304 on Twitter.  Who’s on instagram? Who’s on Snapchat?

5. Join up:  Class Facebook page,  #JO304 Twitter, wordpress.  Finish, turn in assessment forms.



  • Share this link to help people find your group.

  • Email: jo304fall2017@groups.facebook.com

  • Emails sent to this address will appear as posts in the group.


6. Take class photo! Use variety of apps.  Add filters? Other enhancements?

Assignments to be completed before next class:
1. Finish, submit  individual and multimedia assessment forms  emailed to you

2. Read  this article from the Neiman Journalism Lab at Harvard.  How have the predictions help up?

Read these WordPress tutorials




  1. Class Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/JO304spring2017/

    Find and post a link to one recent example and a short written observation on class FB page:  Which journalism trend seems most on target to you? What’s breaking in the world of journalism trends? What do you think you need to be most on top of after graduation?


  1. #1 First Newstrack blog post: Describe the mission of the news site you’re tracking. Your post should include at least one screenshot or other image, such as a video or tweet.  Always include hypertext links.


WEEK 2, Sept. 12

Due today: Assigned reading, assessments,FB post

Review tweets, FB posts  re weekend in a Storify or JO304 list
Review multimedia  skills assessments. Chart form


What is a blog? Purpose for this class:  Portfolio of work in this class, others.  To collect NewsTrack posts.  For breaking news reports in short, enhanced posts. To practice employing variety of digital storytelling tools in one report.   To practice your “voice.”

In class:
1.Set up your WordPress sites, including themes, social media widgets, categories for Class Assignments,  NewsTrack posts. Send WordPress URL to me.

2.Add Newstrack mission post.  Add photo.

3.  Go over how to and code.  Assignments categories, blog roll widget, share blog URLs, link to/follow classmates’ blogs

4. Quick one on one:  Pair up. Interview classmates, others at COM re absolutely necessary gear.  15 minutes. Compile reply in 140 characters or less, with pix, video and/or an emoji — think of as element for  a Twitter page bio, tweet, short blog post, instagram, the like. Tweet to #jo304, with handle.  Review on Twitter list for #JO304.

For next week:

Weekly: Post at least one timely observation re digital news, from any source, to class Facebook page, Twitter #JO304.  Vary your style to suit the medium.

Suggested topic: The Emmys, either the show or a report on the show.  Example of coverage.

1. About me blog post

Blog assignment: Produce a short bio, with pix and links, for posting on the About Me area of your WordPress blog.   You can write, you can do video.  Make it conversational yet professional. Add contact info, social media info.  Post your bio.


1. Briggs, Digital Next, Chapter 4; Going Mobile


3. Event: Emmys,  Sunday, Sept. 17


WEEK 3, Sept. 19
Due today:
blog post on bio for About Me page
Assigned reading re WordPress and blogging.
Post at least one observation re digital news, from any source, to class Facebook page, #JO304

1. Blogging — best practices

2. Twitter – for journalists – how it differs from personal account


folo your classmates
Twitter list


#2 NewsTrack assignment:  Compare mobile via desktop site.

WEEK 4, Sept. 26

#2 NewsTrack blog post and tweet re Compare mobile via desktop site.
Assigned reading re Going Mobile.


What is it: An information network made up of 140-character messages (including photos, videos and links) from all over the world.

The basics, writing style, glossary, best practices, tutorial
Define, tips, diff between personal and journalistic, Trump tweets

Practice, examples:
Sports: @GlobeDanShulman

What’s a Twitter Scavenger Hunt? Review the assignment.

Curating social media with Storify.  What’s curating?

What is it? Writing style. Examples. Sign up.
The updated guide to Storify for journalists
Mindy McAdams Storify tutorial – (since this, note upper right interface changed to feature embed URL)


Graded assignment 1: Twitter Scavenger Hunt and Storify.  Deadline Tuesday, Oct. 3

Promo your hunt on your blog under Assignments

WEEK 5, Oct. 3

Review Scavenger Hunt

IN CLASS:  WordPress galleries.  Take sample pix in class or use your own.

Compare apps on iPhone, Google Play,  Instagram, other?

Mobile Storytelling

As Mark Briggs writes in Chapter 4 (Going Mobile), you could get out a lot of fancy equipment to cover a story, but increasingly all you need is your phone.


Today’s topic:   What’s a photo story? Elements? Type of photos? Tips on taking good photos with mobile devices.

Practice WordPress galleries / Google Photos apps / tutorials / download apps / do practice stories

Creating photo galleries on WordPress — and check the code

Creating a Story Using Google Photos  / Google Assistant

Developing Photo Story ideas

More useful Links for this assignment:

JO 304 Caption Style Guidelines

For next class:

1. No class on  Tues, Oct. 10 /  BUT this is due Oct. 10

#4 NewsTrack assignment:  Find photo example on your site. Critique on WP blog.  Post link to FB, Twitter

2. Prepare for first NewsTrack Roundtable discussion on 10/17 — explain your site, focusing on topic to come and #3 Newstrack  post on the topic


Columbus Day, Monday, Oct. 9

NO CLASS on Tues, OCT. 10 – Monday classes held instead

DUE TUES OCT 10:   #4 NewsTrack assignment:  Find photo example on your site. Critique on WP blog.  Post link to FB, Twitter

Prep for photo exercise in next class.  
1. Read in prep for live exercise in class



  1. Propose a topic of similar interest to students for a photo essay

    Latest apps on your phone or other social media service

    Telling stories, advice from the ad world




WEEK 6, Oct. 17

Event: Celtics season opener, tonight

First NewsTrack Roundtable discussion — on fake news ?? hurricane coverage? Boston Sports?  and
Due: #3 NewsTrack post on fake news – ?? – topic to come


More re photos – Focus on blog options, Instagram,  Adobe Spark  
Photos, part 2.  Using mobile devices,  mobile apps such as Instagram, Snapchat, animations, special features, filters, sharing.  Verification, copyright. Try adding sound to photo slideshows.

In class:  photo essay on school gear – post to blog


Prepare for quiz 1:  Review Class 1-6 readings, lecture notes, class discussions.


WEEK 7, Oct. 24

WORLD SERIES begins – opp for breaking news?

Quiz 1. Graded.


In class: Advancing visual and audio stories using mobile apps

Nongraded assignment using Snapchat, Instagram, Adobe Spark and/or Facebook:

Partner up. Develop idea for photo story. Take photos.  Create practice photo story with mobile apps, shooting and editing, captions, filters, audio.  

How does audio make a difference? Tips on getting good audio


Photo story using mobile app?  Audio clip?  

Weekly FB, Twitter observations


#5 Newstrack post – how does your site use videos?

Readings, prep for video practice.  

Video Storytelling for Digital Platforms

Web video is different from video produced for broadcast television. We’ll look at how it differs and ways to shoot clips and stories tailored to this medium, including live streaming, social media tools and specialized apps.

Adobe Spark — telling video stories with text on mobile devices

Briggs, Chapter 7 (Telling Stories with Video) – especially pages 222-230 in 3rd edition


Tips on shooting Facebook Live


High points, timeless, without videolicious,  from above: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14qSTK-rghd7iWO3GMRNCI5Vv286Ax_-w_5N2J6zNmUI/edit

Be prepared to pitch a video story in class, due Oct, 31 .  Write it up in 3 sentences MAX.  


WEEK 8,  Oct. 31  (Halloween)

WORLD SERIES ends Nov. 1

Video story pitch due
Review quizzes


In class:  

  1. Roundtable: Pitch your video story idea
    Develop, review class video ideas
    Discuss various mobile video apps for shooting, editing.

Emphasize what makes good video stories, storyboards.
Gear than can help.
Practice using a mobile app and camera.


2.Practice in class:  Facebook Live  –  Halloween topic!



10 quick hits to make your videos better right now
How does audio help?


Video story, 1-3 minutes, graded, due Nov. 7

Breaking news reading – to be updated

Liveblogging: 12 Tips from Digital Journalists



WEEK 9,  Nov. 7

Graded assignment 3 due. Video story

1. Discuss video stories

  1.  Intro to breaking news in digital environment

    Breaking news –  how to in a digital environment, continued. Finding news and info on social media. Beware misinformation.

    – What are the characteristics?
    – What are popular tools?
    – Who does it well? Examples

  2. Assignments


# 6 NewsTrack post assignment:  Find example of how your site has handled major breaking news story  using  alternative techniques.. Can be one particular aspect of the breaking news. Due by next class.

Prepare for NewsTrack Roundtable 2 next week — share your site example of alternative breaking news storytelling, especially with mobile apps


WEEK 10,  Nov. 14


Due today:  

# 6 NewsTrack post assignment:  Find example of how your site has handled major breaking news story  using  alternative techniques.. Can be one particular aspect of the breaking news. Due by next class.
Prepare for NewsTrack Roundtable 2 next week — share your site example of alternative breaking news storytelling, especially with mobile apps

  1.  NewsTrack Roundtable 2

    2. Breaking news: Covering a live event

    Graded assignment 6: Cover a live event over next 2 weeks. Find an event to cover during coming week. Possibles? Due LIVE, with reports during event and one summary blog post or storify.
    Pitch your story idea by next class.

    After event: Do summary post on blog, tweet it. That’s due by XXX

    3. Final project: Review requirements, get started thinking of story ideas.  Set due date for ideas.


For next week:
1. NewsTrack assignment #7  :  Find example of an alternative mobile  storytelling app – Facebook Live, snapchat, listicle, 360 story,  animation, timelapse, interactive mapping, audio/podcast  or some combo , Think seasonal.

  1. Live event story idea due



WEEK 11, Nov. 21

Thursday, Nov. 23, is Thanksgiving

1. Guest?  On gadgets, trends?

2. In class:  Use an alternative storytelling method to tell a story of Thanksgiving – from turkeys to black fridays

Let’s try a timeline! Cooking video!  Shopping chart!

3. Live coverage – review ideas

Live coverage opp using mobile and social apps  – what’s out there?  Twitter Moments!

Live coverage opp / last one:  Make a pitch by Tuesday, Nov. 28

Next week
Prep for data class.

NewsTrack on  data example  




WEEK 12, Nov. 28

1. Data Stories and Metrics: Guest ??
Is it OK to use that? As we look at tools for creating mashups, multimedia, timelines, infographics and other interactives, it’s important to steer clear of copyrighted content and to give some serious thought about using controversial material. Today we’ll discuss what’s OK to use and explore tools for creating interactives for use on the web and via social media.


Data is at the core of many stories produced for digital platforms. How do you use it and present it online? Metrics are key as well. Finding sources of data. Tools for tracking and measuring online engagement: Omniture / Google Analytics / Facebook. Simple interactive infographics.  


In class:  how does Ban.jo work and how can you use it for breaking news?  


See Data-2 folder in class folder in Drive


  1.   Final project:  More details ,  Sign up for personal review with Andrea.

    Be an innovator:  An overview of various options for presenting stories online.  

    For Next Week:


  • Finish your live event assignment by Monday, Dec. 4.
  • Prepare for quiz 2



WEEK 13,  Dec. 5

1. Quiz 2 – Based on assigned readings, lecture material to date. Graded

2.  GADGETS and TRENDS  — let’s play. GUEST?

3. FINAL PROJECT: Questions?  Look ahead to final class and guest speaker.

4.  BLOGS:  Polish them up!

For next week:
– Work on final project commentary.
#7  Final NewsTrack post, summarizing your findings/suggestions for improvement succinctly. Use LISTICLE approach (bullet points)


WEEK 14, Dec. 12 – LAST CLASS and last day of fall  classes

Hannukah begins at sundown



BU study period begins Dec. 13
BU exams begin Dec. 16
BU exams end Dec. 21

DUE Dec. 12 –
#7  Final NewsTrack post – Summarize highlights of your findings

In class: End of semester assessments, evaluations

– Roundup: Ethics in a digital age

Verification tools and resources –
How to apply in middle of breaking news – examples — annotation, crowdsourcing
The state of fake news — our last look together

Open Lab

You will have class time to work on your final project. Do not skip this class. This is your chance to get help, get questions answered and ensure that you’re going in the right direction.

– Final in-class story – Tentative: LISTICLE on our last look at state of fake news



Send off to The FUTURE: Digital Footprint
When it comes time to find a job, employers will expect you to have an online portfolio, a track record on social media and more. Are you prepared?




Related reading:
Create a top-notch journalist portfolio website.
5 Things Your Online Journalism Portfolio Should Include

Resources for Creating an Online Presence


Pew survey: More adults fingering mobile devices as news sources

“Mobile devices have rapidly become one of the most common ways for Americans to get news, and the sharpest growth in the past year has been among Americans ages 50 and older, according to a Pew Research Center survey conducted in March.”

Rise in portion of adults turning to mobile devices for news

Thinglink embed test

And once again, even using the iframe, wordpress does not play with embed code from Thinglink. It’s very limited that way



OK, the pix came thru using the embed code given by thinglink but not the interactive icons on the pix

here’s the link to Thinglink photo of my class in the works

test on chart scraping

Topline Report April 06-09, 2017
Question Response Frequency Percentage
P1 Now, generally speaking, would you say that things in the country are going in the
right direction, or have they pretty seriously gotten off on the wrong track?
Right Direction 925 47%
Wrong Track 1063 53%
Q172 Do you approve or disapprove of the job Donald Trump is doing as President?
Strongly Approve 480 24%
Somewhat Approve 478 24%
Somewhat Disapprove 306 15%
Strongly Disapprove 629 32%
Don’t Know / No Opinion 94 5%
P3 Now, thinking about your vote, what would you say is the top set of issues on your
mind when you cast your vote for federal offices such as U.S. Senate or Congress?
Economic Issues 524 26%
Security Issues 417 21%
Health Care Issues 326 16%
Senior’s Issues 317 16%
Women’s Issues 97 5%
Education Issues 141 7%
Energy Issues 100 5%
Other 67 3%
POL1_1 Who do you trust more to handle each of the following issues? The economy
Democrats in Congress 756 38%
Republicans in Congress 893 45%
Don’t Know / No Opinion 339 17%
POL1_2 Who do you trust more to handle each of the following issues? Jobs
Democrats in Congress 736 37%
Republicans in Congress 893 45%
Don’t Know / No Opinion 359 18%
POL1_3 Who do you trust more to handle each of the following issues? Health care
Democrats in Congress 905 46%
Republicans in Congress 739 37%
Don’t Know / No Opinion 345 17%

Testing data chart embed from city of Boston

Will this code work in free wordpress?  It does after I embedded it. In a draft. Now let’s see what happens when I publish it.

Nope, keeps coming up with link only

Finally found the answer. It can’t be done with unauthorized embed code for security reasons in the “shared” WordPress environment.  I had long known that some embed code wouldn’t work.  And that’s why.  More re this

Certain types are allowed, and WordPress has a list here.


This sourcecode add-on will allow you to see all the code

<div style="position: relative; width: 500px; height: 425px; max-width: 600px;">

<a href="https://data.cityofboston.gov/w/vwgc-k7be/?cur=AKbupfK9fPt&amp;from=root">https://data.cityofboston.gov/w/vwgc-k7be/?cur=AKbupfK9fPt&amp;from=root</a>


Meanwhile, here's the chart, saved as a screenshot, then converted to an image file and uploaded into Media Gallery.

Practice with facebook live

Here’s a practice video for purposes of portrait mode vs. Horizontal and audio quality. This one was done holding the phone vertically.

Second practice, holding phone horizontally and speaking louder. A better result

Third practice.  With earbuds in the phone jack. Seems to be better audio. But I also upped the volume for media and system on my phone first.  Also tested filters, which you can switch as you go.

And I really like that the link to the FB live video that i copied shows up automatically when I use the hypertext link feature for this blog post