‘Traditionalist vs. innovator’, Black Panther style

As I get ready for a class on visual storytelling, where else should one look this week but to the eye-popping “Black Panther” movie?

In this New York Times video, we get a view from the director’s seat of a car-chase scene in the film.  Ryan Cogler, co-writer and director, makes a special point of identifying traditionalists versus innovators  Kinda like legacy news organizations and digital natives.

(Which, despite the NYT embed code, did not translate into a true embed in this WP blog.)

Tweeting out NewsTrack Roundtable 2 on breaking news techniques

For our second NewsTrack Roundtable of the semester, my #JO304 students tweeted each others’ mini-presentations on how their news organizations used alternative storytelling techniques in breaking news reports.

Here’s the roundup of the roundtable:

Taking the APME NewsTrain


I’m heading to Endicott College in Beverly, MA, Saturday, to update my multimedia skills, courtesy of Associated Press Media Editors’ NewsTrain program.

Just in time for the rest of the semester for my own multimedia storytelling class at Boston University. 

And I hope some lovely fall views from this oceanfront campus.

As requested, got my thinking cap on and ready to earn my conductor’s hat.

The conductor, aka Tom Hanks, for the Polar Express.





Resources for journalists in a rocky time

rocky horror picture show scene
Scene from “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” (Ingrid Richter, Creative Commons)

What a need for reliable journalistic resources, in light of the inauguration of a new president who — horrors — questions the validity of news as told by most media.

At the same time, innovations in communications are coming at us so fast even a robot might have trouble processing them.

Here are some reputable resources for keeping up with both. I urge you to follow, join and subscribe for the latest on trends, research, training and hot topics.

Boston University Department of Journalism Facebook group

Pew Research Center

Nieman Journalism Lab

Online News Association

The Poynter Institute
Newsletters  http://poynter.us9.list-manage1.com/subscribe?u=79fa45ed20ff84851c3b9cd63&id=5372046825
Webinars and more  http://about.poynter.org/training

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