Tweeting out NewsTrack Roundtable 2 on breaking news techniques

For our second NewsTrack Roundtable of the semester, my #JO304 students tweeted each others’ mini-presentations on how their news organizations used alternative storytelling techniques in breaking news reports.

Here’s the roundup of the roundtable:

JO304 fall 2017: Class 1 outline, homework for Class 2

Not a fancy post, but a practical method for sharing.

Linked are copies of my CLASS 1 OUTLINE 9517 and HOMEWORK for CLASS 2 91217 

You can download them from here.  I’ve also uploaded copies to our Blackboard class content folder.

Another option, for my fall 2017 class members only: I can put everything in a Google Drive folder that I can share with you.

Your thoughts on the storage area you’d use most?