Testing Instagram embed code in WP posts, with success

A student said she could not embed Insta posts in her blog.  My knee-jerk reply is that the two probably didn’t play nice together.

Now, i’m testing it with the embed code provided by Instagram with each post.

First:  I tried getting the Insta URL by simply clicking on the copy URL option. It wouldn’t take. so, then I went to the field showing the code, and copied it there. OK.  Then i pasted it into the Visual option in the WP post.  It showed the code; no good. Then I posted it in the HtmL option, and got a blank square.

But wait, there’s more.

Then I did the smart thing. I looked it up in WordPress support.  And it’s much simpler to do.


Bottom line: Instead of using embed code,  grab the post’s URL.  Then paste it on a line in the Visual editor view.  Voila. It’s there.

Tip: Switch to the HTML view so you can see what the code looks like.


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Author: Andrea Panciera

Multimedia journalism teacher

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