Testing data chart embed from city of Boston

Will this code work in free wordpress?  It does after I embedded it. In a draft. Now let’s see what happens when I publish it.

Nope, keeps coming up with link only

Finally found the answer. It can’t be done with unauthorized embed code for security reasons in the “shared” WordPress environment.  I had long known that some embed code wouldn’t work.  And that’s why.  More re this

Certain types are allowed, and WordPress has a list here.


This sourcecode add-on will allow you to see all the code

<div style="position: relative; width: 500px; height: 425px; max-width: 600px;">

<a href="https://data.cityofboston.gov/w/vwgc-k7be/?cur=AKbupfK9fPt&amp;from=root">https://data.cityofboston.gov/w/vwgc-k7be/?cur=AKbupfK9fPt&amp;from=root</a>


Meanwhile, here's the chart, saved as a screenshot, then converted to an image file and uploaded into Media Gallery.

Author: Andrea Panciera

Multimedia journalism teacher

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