About me: From the farm to the web

andrea eyes

Online pioneer. Curator. Learner. Snoop. Critic. Dreamer. Fixer. Know it all. Eavesdropper. Farmer’s daughter. Beach baby. Oldest child. Seeker of truth and justice. A bit of a maverick. Rhode Islander. 

Put them together, and you have some of me — Andrea Panciera, a veteran multimedia journalist who has a passion for figuring out what’s going on and for sharing what she knows.

It might be who’s playing at Westerly’s Knickerbocker Cafe this weekend to the secret to steaming lobster to perfection or what makes R.I. politicians think they can get away with cheap crimes to why do Gaza and Israel keep on fighting each other?

My news career officially began in a crowded, dirty, noisy newsroom at The Westerly Sun, where I was the only, and first, full-time female reporter and editor.


It’s stretched over four decades since then, including being the first online editor at The Providence Journal.   Now,  I’m an adjunct at Boston University College of Communication, teaching multimedia storytelling.

I love the discourse with the students, who —  I like to think — need my experience and expertise,  while they keep me hopping with their questions and observations.

The seas of journalism are rough and high these days, making them tough to navigate, especially for young people who want to make it their career.

I hope that in some ways I can be their guide.

Andrea Panciera

Author: Andrea Panciera

Multimedia journalism teacher

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